Social Networking and Job Searching Can You Really Find Jobs on Twitter?

In terms of online social networking websites, Twitter and Facebook, are two of the most popular websites…at least today.

Twitter is well-known for its steady stream of short messages that are limited to 140 characters. At first glance, it might appear as if Twitter is nothing but an ideal, on-the-go way to communicate with friends and family. It is, but you can do a lot of Twitter and that includes searching for jobs.

When it comes to social networking, Twitter, and job searching, you might wonder “how do I get started?

You do not need a free Twitter account to get started. Some companies do have private feeds, but most are setup to allow public viewing. A free Twitter account is ideal in that you can use it for networking. However, you will not be applying for jobs directly through the website; therefore, creating this free account is 100% optional and your decision to make.

As for finding jobs, you have a number of different approaches:

Job listings are posted on social networking websites by companies whom do the hiring. For instance, if you view the Twitter page for EXAMPLE COMPANY, you may find “Apply online for our full-time office manager position at our home office in Houston, TX.” You’ll find a link attached to this where you can apply.

This approach is difficult because these types of job postings are few and far in between. Follow a company on Twitter or occasionally check their feed and you are likely to find more promotional tweets than job listings. In this case; it is all about being online at the right time.

Job listings are also posted on social networking websites by third-party companies and individuals. For example, WEBSITE 1 is a job search website who also has a Twitter account. They use this account to post sample job listings online. You can click the link to be connected with the full job listing and to apply.

This approach is ideal in that most social networking accounts focus solely on current job listings, although you may find a few job search tips scatter here and there. The main downside to this job searching approach is that many companies have a national following; therefore, not all jobs will be local. You can, however, do a search to find local job feeds.

In addition to finding hiring companies and third-party companies and individuals who share job listings online, you can also perform a search. Many social networking websites use tags, such as #jobs or #jobsearch. This type of search will only show you tweets where these specific tags were used.

Basically, you get straight-up job listings, as opposed to having to weed through a ton of information.

Twitter is just one of the many social networking websites that you can use as a job searching tool.